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Respects / John Dix (Hapkido Student )  Read >>
Respects / John Dix (Hapkido Student )
I knew Larry from 1990-1996, he was my Instructor in Hapkido at The Firm in West Plains, MO. According to Larry, I was his first black belt student. I will never forget the day he handed my belt to me, after 6 years I couldn't have been more proud. I was proud of what I had accomplished yes, but to me, it was the look on Larry's face that meant the world at that time. I could tell how proud he was of me, and coming from one of my heroes, it was a profound and unforgettable point in my life. Larry was one of the finest Martial Artists I've ever known. I remember watching and imitating everything that he did. He was seriously gifted and his technique was like a perfect picture of how that move should be done. I still haven't seen a snap kick with such power and pop, unbelievable. I still practice Hapkido, and even though I've forgotten some over time, many of his lessons have stuck with me. I still fight just like I modeled myself after him. I am so proud I will be able to pass down to others what I still do remember. I deeply regret having not stayed in touch better after graduating high school in '96 and moved away, I had so much more to learn!! But Larry taught me so much more than just how to fight, he practiced true Martial Arts, which was about discipline, respect, and preventing violence. Larry taught me a lot about self control and discipline that later helped me in the Marines and in life. He also taught to stand up for others and yourself, but to never start a fight. I also saw him as a father figure. I looked up to him greatly and was motivated to not disappoint. I remember how I would loose my temper some times and get so frustrated, because no matter how good I got, I flat out could not beat him sparring. It was partly my own pride that took a hit because he was my true measure of being a good fighter, and partly because I just plain wanted to impress him. I heard about his passing and funeral service too late to attend, for that I am so sorry Larry. I am so happy I ran into this Memorial site though, so I could say what I wish I could go back and say to you. Thank you. You made me a better person, helped me become a better man. What I learned from you helped me help others, and also helped me better serve our Country. I can only hope and pray that I can leave as big of a positive impact on this world as you have. Clearly from everything I have read on this site, from the people that knew you, from what I knew of you, you were loved by so many, and you will never be forgotten. Close
A year filled with memories of you  / Summer Fogle (daughter)  Read >>
A year filled with memories of you  / Summer Fogle (daughter)

Dad.....this year has been a very special one for us. Justin built our new log cabin and as he worked so very hard on it I remembered all the wonderful and beautiful houses that you had built. I remember going with you to watch you at different house sites and there was something so special about that. After watching the process of building our house everyday for many months I now have a tremendous appreciation for what you did. You created things with tyour hands and your heart that many people will never be able to do. I also know that the houses I grew up in were so much more than houses...they were beautiful homes that you created out of love for all who lived in them.

Another special memory for our new home that is a constant reminder of you are the famous elk antlers that now hang above our fireplace. We feel so honored to have them here and I love looking up there at them everyday. It reminds me of your love for the outdoors and besides that anyone who steps foot in our home asks about them. I get to tell them the crazy story of the antlers that once hung on the outside of my childhood home and now in the home where my children live. I am so glad that you hung on to them all these years.

So as another year has come and gone without you I am so glad that I have the memories of the amazing person you were. When you are a kid you don't realize how much your parents sacrifice to provide for your family but now that I have a family of my own I am so grateful for all of things you gave me and all of our family.

I will always cherish these memories and I will always think of them especially on days like today.

I love you Dad--Sum

2008 Thoughts  / Leslie Collins   Read >>
2008 Thoughts  / Leslie Collins


Your poem reminded me again of how well you captured your Dad with those words. Thinking of you, Quanna, JJ and Theresa today.

Love, Mom

What a gentleman!  / Penny Moak Fergusson (Highschool friend )  Read >>
What a gentleman!  / Penny Moak Fergusson (Highschool friend )

Many classmates have faded from my memory, but Larry stands out like I saw him yesterday.  I enjoyed talking to him between classes.  He  had a kind, respectful way about him that I always admired.  What a gentleman!  

Memories / David Weldon (Childhood friend )  Read >>
Memories / David Weldon (Childhood friend )
Larry was my best friend all through elementary school.  We spent many hours playing around the "Big ditch" near his home on DeQueen and 19th street.  We both loved to fish at the Texaco reservoir.

A great bunch of guys came out of that class at DeQueen Elementary.

Larry was a great guy.  I too regret not staying in touch over the years.  May the Lord bless his family. Close
To everything there is a season.  / Pat Knox (Friend)  Read >>
To everything there is a season.  / Pat Knox (Friend)
Larry, My mother died exactly one year after you left us. Please look her up and tell her how much we miss her, but we're glad she is not hurting anymore. I know your family misses you, and I think of you often. You were really a nice guy. We won't forget you. Love, Pat Close
Larry's "Lights"  / Carlissa Gilliam (Friend of daughters )  Read >>
Larry's "Lights"  / Carlissa Gilliam (Friend of daughters )
 I did not know Larry Speake on a personal basis - I met him several times and he was polite and usually smiling. I know he loved the woods, building things (such as homes), hunting and the native ways of healing and spiritual connections. I know that he loved two wonderful women: Leslie and Theresa - and he had three beautiful children.  I have had the exceptional privilege to know Quanna and Summer and watch them grow up and have their own families.  Quanna and Summer are the "light' that every parent dreams they will create on this journey.  I know Larry was so proud of them and his spirit will always be with them - protecting them from a distant star - sharing words of wisdom about love and life in the stillness of a cold Missouri night.  Quanna - the talented athlete, leader and dedicated team player , Summer the quiet one with a fire in her spirit that conquered the worst asthma attacks with grace.  These are the "lights" Larry left behind to inspire the rest of us and for this I will be forever grateful. 

--Carlissa Gilliam--
To my Friend  / Tommy Thompson (Dear Friend )  Read >>
To my Friend  / Tommy Thompson (Dear Friend )

Hey Buddy, a year ago I got to tell all of your friends in Missouri about your earlier years. What a great honor. Larry, I promise you that I will never let your friends forget you. You'd love this, I finally found Bobby Sandoval, I was able to tell him how he always made you laugh and how you wanted to talk to him before you when home. Now he knows.  Larry, would you look for my Mom, we lost her on the 16th of Jan. Tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her. She will be so excited to see you. I sure do miss you.guys.  Your friend for life.

PS Pat Trahans mom past away this week, why don't you go by and give her a big hug from all of us.

Love ya, Bubba

Until I see you in my dreams......  / Summer Fogle (daughter)  Read >>
Until I see you in my dreams......  / Summer Fogle (daughter)

A year has come and gone, and yet, I still miss you as much now as I did the day you left this world.  I still see you in my dreams, and it is there that we carry on conversations. It is in these dreams and moments that I find peace.  Knowing that I can see you when I close my eyes is what brings me comfort.  Knowing that I will one day see you with my eyes wide open in heaven is what keeps me going everyday.

I love you Dad!!

Happy Valentines Day  / Theresa (wife)  Read >>
Happy Valentines Day  / Theresa (wife)
Happy Valentines Baby, I miss you just as much today as the first day I lost you almost one year ago. Your children are doing fine and your grandbabies are beautiful, I will kiss them as often as I can for you.
Love forever, Theresa Close
Good Memories  / Bob Sandoval (friend)  Read >>
Good Memories  / Bob Sandoval (friend)
We started kindergarten together at DeQueen elementary, with Wade Miller, Tommy Thompson, Tom and Tim Phillips.  Were friends all through high school.  Wish I had stayed in touch in later years.  He will be missed.
Bob Sandoval Close
A Tribute to my Dad...  / Summer Fogle (daughter)  Read >>
A Tribute to my Dad...  / Summer Fogle (daughter)
I created this website as a tribute to my Dad for all the things he has done for me and as a way of honoring him and the wonderful life that he led. 

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you Dad.  I cannot wait to see you one day in heaven.....until then.....I love you.


Summy Close