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His legacy
Legacy of a loving father, grandfather, and husband.....  

Larrt Speake was a very spirited person.  He was full of life and energy and lived his life in the same way. He lived his life to the fullest each day.  Once he became ill, he continued to live this way, taking it as a gift from God and a chance to spend his precious time with those that he loved.

He was of the Cherokee origin and was very proud of his Native American roots.  He also was proud to be a man of God.  He loved and respected all of God's creations.  He clearly portrayed his love and respect for God's creations through his love of nature and the outdoors.  All of these aspects of my Father's life together shape his everlasting legacy of life and living.

His legacy will be carried out and fulfilled by his children and grandchildren.  He loved his family more than anything in his life, and he was devoted to them completely. 

As his daughter, I know that the only way to honor my Father's legacy and his life is to teach my children the same things that he has taught me.  I have learned countless lessons in life and love from my father.  However, all of those lessons were centered around one simple idea---live your life to the fullest each and every day.  That is exactly what my Dad did.  He never wasted a single moment of his life.  He was not content unless he was outside enjoying nature and spending time with his family and friends. 

I think that I speak for my brother and sister when I say that we will always remember our Dad for the person that he really was. The person who took us hunting and helped us shoot our very first deer.  The person who walked us down the aisle on our wedding day.  The person who cheered us on during karate classes, basketball, volleyball, and baseball games.  The person who believed in us even when we didn't believe in ourselves.  We will always remember the person we called, "Dad."

Larry cherished the simple things in life, and because of this, he never let the distractions of the world fog his view on life.  Instead, he let the important aspects of his life such as the love of his family and friends be the guiding force of his life.

He was fortunate enough to live to see his first grandson, Watson Gregory Hafer.  Although the time he spent with his grandson was cut short by his illness, I know that he was very proud of his daughter, Quanna and his son-in-law, Jeremy for bringing such a beautiful baby boy into the world.

Although my Father never got to see his second grandson, Dakotah Wayne, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share my pregnancy with my Father.  We spent a lot of time together talking about the baby and he even got to feel Dakotah kick on more than one occasion.  Dakotah will always remember his Grandpa Larry and will carry his legacy by proudly bearing his Grandpa's middle name, Wayne.  Although my Dad was not at the hospital to see Dakotah born, I have a feeling that he was watching that day from above with a smile on his face.

May the legacy of Larry live on through my sister, my brother, and myself along with all of our children.

"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides."
                                --- David Viscott --

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